Our Vision

We Use a Neuroscience & Evidence-Based Clinical Approach to Understanding & Treating Adult ADHD.

Adult ADHD is a brain-based Disorder, knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of the brain is essential for effective and optimal management. We recognize the limitations in the traditional approach to mental health treatment. The current standards and guidelines in the diagnostic evaluation and treatment of ADHD and co-morbid conditions such as anxiety and depression are based predominantly on a checklist of symptoms and functional impairments.

Advanced research technologies in functional brain imaging and molecular genetics have enabled us to better understand and treat mental health conditions. Contrary to long-held beliefs about the adult brain being fixed, we now know it is remarkably capable of growth and change through intrinsic physiological processes of Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity.

At EFC, we build on the current traditional approach using innovative and practical know-how to “hack & rewire” the ADHD  brain to ultimately optimize its cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functions. Our treatment approach is designed to help our patients overcome lifelong challenges, develop resilience, perform better in school, work & relationships, and ultimately achieve a greater sense of meaning & purpose in life. 

“At EFC, we build on the current traditional approach using innovative and practical know-how to ‘hack & rewire’ the ADHD brain to ultimately optimize its cognitive, emotional, & behavioral functions.”

Dr. Lawrence Choy

Medical Director