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Our Story

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Dr Lawrence Choy and Zaakir Smiling

Elite Focus Clinic was founded by two Stanford-trained psychiatrists, inspired, determined, and committed to meet the growing mental health care needs of the demanding and ever-bustling Silicon Valley. 

Drs. Lawrence Choy and Zaakir Yoonas first met in 2007, when the two began their psychiatry residency at Stanford University (although both attended and graduated from UC Berkeley as undergrads. Go Bears!). 

Stanford Campus

Honored and selected as Chief Residents in their final year of residency, Drs. Choy and Yoonas worked intensively together in both patient care and administrative settings. They began to envision a future collaboration, determined to make an impact in the mental health community. 

Portola Wellness Center

In 2011, they founded Portola Wellness, a  successful psychiatric practice in Silicon Valley. They soon recognized the high prevalence of adult ADHD in the community. Moreover, they realized many patients with ADHD were previously undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or inadequately treated. 

Massachusetts Central Hospital

Acknowledging an unmet need in the treatment of adult ADHD in Silicon Valley, they pursued further expertise, education, and training in adult ADHD at the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy.

Dr Lawrence Choy and Zaakir Welcomes Their First Patient at Elite Focus Clinic

In 2015, they welcomed their first patient with adult ADHD at Elite Focus Clinic in Silicon Valley. 

"We founded EFC to educate, support, and empower adults with ADHD in Silicon Valley." 

- Dr. Zaakir Yoonas, Executive Director 

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