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About Khaled Zaki, PMHNP-BC

Khaled Zaki, PMHNP-BC

Khaled grew up just north of Seattle, Washington near the lush banks of Puget Sound. His parents immigrated from Egypt with the hope of building a future full of opportunity for their children. In 2011, he graduated from University of Washington with a double major in Environmental Health and in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations with a focus on Arabic prose. 


After college, he quickly realized his passions lied elsewhere and decided then to seek out a more stimulating field.  He was accepted into a rigorous EMT training program and graduated top 10 in the cohort. It was only after working in emergency rooms and specifically with homeless populations that Khaled witnessed first-hand the harsh realities of mental health and the challenges accessing therapeutic care. 

While working as an EMT for a local non-profit organization, Khaled found himself time and again sitting with patients and listening to their stories. He understood that in order to listen effectively, he needed tocreate a secure space for people to vent safely and without judgement. Despite not receiving formal training as a therapist, he was awarded ‘Best Counselor of the Year’, the first time a "non-mental health professional" receiving this recognition. Spurred by this formal acknowledgment, he applied and was accepted at UCSF Masters Entry Program of Nursing (MEPN) in 2016. 


Despite successfully graduating with a Master’s in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing, Khaled noticed quickly how he needed to study twice as hard to keep up with his peers. At the encouragement of a preceptor, Khaled connected with a provider and was diagnosed with ADHD. This changed Khaled’s life for the better and decided then he wanted to share his experience with others so that they, too, can find respite. Khaled joined EFC in late 2019 and is excited to be part of the team. 


In addition to studying Adult ADHD, Khaled is working on projects using digital media to combat stigma and shame of mental health treatment in socially conservative/religious communities. Khaled lives in San Jose with his family and enjoys acrylic painting, discovering fun hiking routes, and baking middle eastern sweets."

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