Here at Canopy Cove, we are not shy about proclaiming that complete recovery from your eating disorder IS possible. Our role and our focus as an eating disorder recovery center is to give you a plan and show you to the path to this recovery that we have seen so many times in so many of our patients.

In your journey to recovery, you’ll travel three paths, so let’s take a journey together to see what you will encounter along the way.

Path 1

You’ll take a journey to understanding your eating disorder itself. Have you noticed that your eating disorder came along with one or more co-existing conditions, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, self-harm, or suicidal ideation? What if you found out that neither the eating disorder nor any of these co-existing conditions were the real issue, and that there was something much deeper at the core of the issue? On this path, you’ll take a deep look at the root issues behind why you have an eating disorder in the first place.

Path 2

You’ll also take a journey to an exhilarating and intriguing place. On Path Two, you’ll explore an understanding of who you are. Do you protest, “But I know who I am! How would I not know my own self?” Look a little closer. Have you lost sight of your self-identity in the process of being overtaken by your eating disorder? For people with eating disorders, it is very common to feel unsure of who they are and sense that the eating disorder has taken over their personality.

Understanding who you are is vital to the recovery process, but you may very well find that, when you try to take a closer look, you feel blocked. When this is the case, one of the most effective ways to uncover this information is through experiences, such as art, music, equine therapy, and body movement. This path is all about learning your self-identity, self-understanding, and self-acceptance.

Path 3

Does your eating disorder feel like a double-sided thing? Does it feel like another personality sometimes eclipses your own personality and makes decisions you wouldn’t have made? On Path Three, you’ll explore the fact that the eating disorder and you are trying to coexist in the same space. This duality means that, sometimes, you’ll feel that the eating disorder has taken over and you are no longer in charge of the decision-making process, while at other times, you will find yourself firmly in the saddle and able to choose what you would choose.

The Paths Converge

When you have explored all three paths, you’ll find yourself standing at an intersection where all three paths converge, and the most liberating thing will happen to you:

You will finally be able to see the eating disorder for what it is, and you will realize that it is NOT YOU, rather a coping mechanism that has helped you deal with life. We do not yank the eating disorder away, but help you, slowly to let it go. When you have gotten this far, you’ll also find that you are able and willing to say “I am ready to step away from this eating disorder and leave it behind.”

It is in that moment of separation that you will taste what it means when we say that full recovery is possible.

Won’t you join us at Canopy Cove to walk down this path together? We will guide you and support you every step of the way.