One of the hardest things for people with eating disorders to do is find insurance coverage for the treatment that they so desperately need. Even though an eating disorder can be a life-threatening condition and result in lifelong health complications, not all insurance providers recognize or cover eating disorder treatment.

Now there is good news for Cigna customers: Canopy Cove’s residential eating disorder treatment program has recently become an approved in-network provider with Cigna. If you carry your health insurance through Cigna and have been putting off eating disorder treatment due to the cost, now is the perfect time for you to check deeper into the possibility.

What does this mean for you?

This news means that now Cigna will consider Canopy Cove an in-network provider just like your doctor’s office or hospital visit. Instead of paying for all your eating disorder treatment costs out of pocket, you’ll save money when your insurance steps in to pay. Because Canopy Cove uses licensed health care professionals, you can trust that the treatment you get in our program will not only be kind and caring, but also professional and effective.

What and how much you’ll pay will depend on your individual policy and the coverage level and deductible you’ve chosen, so check with Cigna to get more details about what this means for you.

Cigna Is Helping to Boost Eating Disorder Awareness

Not only is Cigna breaking from the traditional mold of most insurance carriers in working with programs like Canopy Cove to provide eating disorder treatment for their patients, they are also fostering awareness for eating disorders. Their Eating Disorder Awareness Series contains more than 50 articles as well as free seminars. We applaud this step by Cigna.

Other Insurance Carriers and Canopy Cove

Canopy Cove is committed to helping customers to get the insurance coverage you need in order to afford the eating disorder treatment that will benefit you. While not all insurance companies will give you the coverage you’re looking for, we will act as your ally in communicating with your provider. We have many other resources on our website for navigating the insurance question, so check out these articles.

Cigna Customers, Sign Up for Eating Disorder Recovery Today

Here at Canopy Cove, we believe that eating disorder recovery IS possible. Now, for Cigna customers, paying for it is also a lot more possible. To get started with our enrollment process, call us at (888) 245-6555 to speak to a trained specialist. Our on-site program in Florida attracts people from all over the country to come and find true freedom from eating disorders. Our property is surrounded by peaceful meadows with horses, so you’ll almost feel like you’re on vacation while you’re recovering. Now is the time—contact us today.