images-46-150x150After a decade of promoting “Real Beauty” Dove wanted to raise the stakes.

They did this by finding a very creative way of speaking directly to those who are responsible for manipulating our perceptions including Art Directors, Graphic Designers, and Photo Retouchers.

The activist group asked, “How can we catch these people in the act and get them to reconsider?”

The answer? “By disguising the message in a free app made available to those who are responsible for altering photos.”

The free app was promoted as “Beautify” and promised to apply a special effect to pictures with one click. But there’s a twist – instead of changing the image as promised, the app actually reverts photoshopped images back to their original, natural state.

The creators advertised the app named “Beautify” on websites that are visited by Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Photo Retouchers. The Designers were told that once  the app was downloaded, it would apply  a “Golden” effect to the skin of the pictures of models.

As the designers attempted to manipulate the pictures, they watched as the app reverted each photo to the original state!

Their point? That real beauty isn’t re-touched.

Watch the video here. (Caution, for some in recovery, there are images of photos being returned to their original state which may be considered triggering.)

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