cc-childrens-home-society1-150x150Canopy Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Center will be leading an educational workshop at The Children’s’ Home Society in Tallahassee, Florida on May 16. The workshop will review the warnings signs of various eating disorders and equip attendees to respond appropriately when an issue is suspected. The workshop is open to staff and employees of The Children’s Home Society.

The Children’s Home Society has been caring for kids since 1902. They have more than 1,800 dedicated professionals serving every community in Florida and reach all 67 counties.

If your organization is interested in scheduling an onsite workshop, please contact our Director of Community Education and Professional Outreach using the form below.

Our outreach staff is available to provide classroom-based education and prevention workshops for students.  These interactive and engaging workshops focus on the promotion of awareness, prevention, positive body image, normal development, and media literacy.

We also offer more in-depth workshops for parent groups, educators, health professionals and coaches focused on topics such as early warning signs, how to develop an environment that promotes health and size acceptance and what to do if you suspect your child has an eating disorder.

Learn More – Call 800-236-7524.

Canopy Cove’s Christian Based Eating Disorder Treatment Programs offer compassionate, comprehensive treatment for females, males, adolescents, and adults, who are struggling with Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorders, and Co-Existing Diabetes, Depression, and Anxiety. Equine-Assisted Therapy is a weekly part of the Recovery process at Canopy Cove.