Congressional leaders are calling on the federal government to study how eating disorders affect both Americans as individuals and the American economy as a whole.


Congressional members of the National Eating Disorders Awareness Caucus wrote a letter last month calling on the Government Accountability Office to “undertake a review of the prevalence, mortality rate, and economic impact of eating disorders in the United States.” In its letter, the Caucus specifically asks the GAO to research who and how many people suffer from eating disorders; what the risk of death is among those people; and what the economic impact is of eating disorders in the U.S. Answering those questions will give the nation “a better understanding of how individuals, as well as our economy, are affected by eating disorders,” the letter said.

For any illness–whether physical, mental or both–having accurate information and relevant data about the disease is the first step in battling it.

Congressional leaders wrote in their letter, “The greater understanding that comes with the results of this study will assist in our nation’s ability to prevent, detect, and treat eating disorders throughout the United States.”

To invite your representative to join the National Eating Disorders Awareness Caucus, visit this link to locate your representative. and request that they join.

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