The Power of Eating Disorder Treatment at Canopy Cove.

The power of eating disorder treatment and the impact that it can have on someone’s life, is simply amazing at times.

A tremendous amount of work goes into successful recovery from an eating disorder, both from the treatment center and it’s staff as well as the courage of the person battling the eating disorder (especially their own personal courage!!).

When we read a review like the one listed below, it serves to bolster our belief that Recovery is not only possible, but it is within reach for so many people if they could just take the first step.

Below is a recent testimonial from a past client of Canopy Cove.

“We were at the end of our options with our granddaughter who has been diagnosed as a bulimic, bipolar, borderline personality.

She had been Baker Acted 7 times, was abusing drugs, living dangerously, keeping company with undesirable friends, and firmly fixed on a complete self-destructive path. She was about to go to New York and become an escort, and we were terrified that we might never see her again.

After putting her out of the house, we told her we would only help her if she would commit herself to treatment. Our only choice seemed to be a local state hospital where she could get free care.

On a last strand of hope, I called Canopy Cove and couldn’t believe my ears when their program administrator told me that our insurance would pay for 30 days of care in their facility.

It was more than we hoped for. It is a beautiful facility, nestled in a peaceful country setting, and graced with beautiful horses that they use for equine therapy. They certainly delivered on everything they promised.

Their highly qualified multi-disciplinary team took on all of my granddaughter’s problems when dozens of professionals before this had basically sent us packing. Since eating disorder is their specialty, they addressed nutrition and her eating disorder as their primary concern, but they also focused on treating the whole person with her entire complex of psychological disorders.

Their Psychiatrist skillfully addressed her medications, and that in turn mitigated her “meltdowns” and psychotic episodes. They administered personal and family therapy, and after one month of on-site care, they were able to secure approval for three weeks of partial non-resident care.

Each week we could see the progression in my granddaughter’s attitude and behavior, and needless to say we were thrilled with having found this wonderful place. We know it is up to her now to put all this beautiful help and learning into practice, but for the first time, we have hope that she can have a good life and tap into her many talents and good qualities.

The fact is we can’t say enough about Canopy Cove and their staff. They are the best!”