The New York Daily News recently carried a story that showcases just how serious battles with eating disorders like Anorexia can be.

In the article, Former Model Reveals How Anorexia Nearly Killed Her

“Georgina Wilkin, 23, got so thin that her organs started failing and her lips turned blue, but casting agents kept calling. Now, she has left the industry behind. ‘My modeling career lasted for three years and as a result, I’ve had anorexia for eight,’ she said.”seek-treatment-for-anorexia-early-300x224

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Anorexia Impacts your Physical Health

More from the article…

“Wilkin said everything spiraled out of control from there. Her worried parents finally got her to see a doctor, who sent her to the hospital and then into treatment.

“My lips and fingers were blue because I was so thin that my heart was struggling to pump blood around my body,” she told the Daily Mail. “The make-up artists would have to disguise it with concealer.”

But, even though her vital organs were failing, Wilkin said she kept getting booked.

In treatment, Wilkin was able to return to a more stable weight, and was then released:

Wilkin was released [from treatment], but relapsed after she rejoined the modeling world. She was readmitted to London’s Priory Hospital.

Wilkin eventually left the modeling world behind and has been raising awareness for eating disorders with UK charity Beat.

“At the end of the day, my modeling career lasted for three years and as a result, I’ve had anorexia for eight, and I’m still battling it today,” she told the Telegraph. “For the sake of a couple of years of modeling success, it’s just not worth it.”

Anorexia Can Be A Deadly Disorder

Though the numbers can vary, experts estimate 5% – 20% of people struggling with Anorexia may die because of the disorder (see WebMD for more info).

Seeking treatment for Anorexia early is advised. Once symptoms and warning signs are noticed, it’s imperative to get into the care and support structure of a licensed eating disorder treatment center. Once there, doctors and therapists can help restructure eating habits and into a more healthy relationship between food and self.

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