The search for Bulimia treatment centers in Florida generally begins either online or through a referral from a physician or therapist.

Often the person doing the search is looking for an effective treatment center for themselves or a loved one that’s close to home.

At Canopy Cove, our eating disorder treatment center is located in Tallahassee, which is only a few hours drive from Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville and many other towns across Florida (including locations in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama).

Having family close by is extremely important for 2 reasons. First, just having the support and understanding of family members as a person goes through the Recovery process is very helpful and contributes to the success of treatment. Second, family members are often called on to be part of the Recovery process as eating disorders deal not only with relationships with food and self, but with relationships between patients and their family as well.

Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Florida

If your or a loved one appears to be losing weight and becomes withdrawn, spending less time with family and friends and a lot more time alone in his or her room, there may be cause for concern.

Often, the person struggling with Bulimia (or other eating disorders) will start to wear very baggy clothing and will repeatedly find excuses for not eating meals with the family.

If these signs sound familiar to you, seek professional help immediately. As is the case with all life-threatening illnesses (and Bulimia is one of those), early detection and intervention are critical in saving lives.

Whether you’re in Florida or hundreds of miles away in the Midwest or Northeast, Canopy Cove can still help. Please call us for more information at 800-236-7524.

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