Recognizing that you or your loved one needs help for an eating disorder is the first step towards Recovery and one that deserves to be celebrated as a significant victory in itself.   The steps that follow are equally important but could never be reached without the awareness that something is wrong.  Thank you for knowing that and for reaching out!

Seeking Eating Disorder treatment for yourself or someone you care about is a very important second step and one that needs to be addressed carefully.   Finding the
sence-of-humor-at-cc-300x225treatment center that is best suited for you or your loved one is a process that can be filled with many options and financial situations.   It is unfortunate that insurance coverage often plays a role in this decision making, when personally deciding on a facility that feels “right” to you might likely be the best approach.   The staff at Canopy Cove takes pride in making this process less stressful.

As a small Christian Based Facility we are fortunate to have staff who are able to help ensure that you get the best benefits available by interacting with the individual insurance companies on your behalf.   Hopefully this will help to reduce some of the stress this journey can cause the client or their family.

Some of the Insurance companies Canopy Cove is considered to be “In-Network” with include, but are not limited to, United Healthcare, Value Options, PHCS,  and Beechstreet.   We also work with Cigna, Humana, as well as many other insurance companies.   If your do not see your insurance company listed that does not eliminate the possibility that we can partner with them on your behalf.   Therefore, we urge everyone to go ahead and call us because there are many circumstances where mental health benefits are outsourced to one of the companies above.  Also, even during the times when Canopy Cove is not an in-network provider with a specific insurance company, we still make every effort to work with them.

We encourage you to call the admission team at Canopy Cove and allow us to request benefits for you or the person for whom you have concern.   We will gather the necessary information and present it to the insurance company on your behalf.   Afterwards, our trained insurance staff will contact you and discuss the available benefits and assist with the admission process.

Information that you will need when you call Canopy Cove to have us check your benefits:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Company Name
  • ID/subscriber number with insurance company
  • Group Number
  • Phone number for insurance company that is on the card

Throughout the admission process, Canopy Cove develops a comprehensive summary of your needs.   Next, we present this summary to your insurance company and obtain an authorization for your treatment.   We also conduct periodic reviews with your insurance company during treatment to maintain authorization for continued care.  This is handled on your behalf so you can concentrate on treatment and Recovery.   Our Insurance team files weekly claims with your insurance company and handles the collection process thereafter.

So if you or someone you care about is struggling with an Eating Disorder,  please call us at 1-800-236-7524. We are here to help make your choice less stressful and remove as many obstacles for you as we can.

I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength – Philippians 4:13