It’s a question often asked, even by people who have been suffering from it – “What is Anorexia?”

Anorexia is a psychological disorder wherein a patient maintains a distorted image of their body shape. They are driven to keep their bodies thin resulting from an irrational fear of being overweight.anorexia-treatment-in-florida

People with Anorexia  have extreme and deliberate weight loss as a result of very strict dieting or self-induced starvation. In spite of this, they believe they are “overweight” or “fat” and are terrified of becoming what, in reality, is a healthy weight or shape.

Psychological, environmental, and social factors often contribute to the development of Anorexia.

Anorexia is a strange disorder that usually develops slowly over a period of time.  It affects both women and men and symptoms often begin in the mid and later teen years.

So really, there is no reason for blame or shame.  Yet, many eating disorder individuals feel embarrassed and guilty about upsetting or worrying their family or friends and are reluctant to share their disgust with being fat, or being obsessed with exercising.

They begin to hide unspoken fears through isolating and avoiding being around others at meal time.  The fear of ridicule often causes induced vomiting and the use of laxatives to be the closest kept secret.  An honest and  simple attempt to be healthier by cutting out junk food and starting to walk turns into dark disaster for many.

Anorexia can eventually lead to physical issues and potentially even death. For more information on how the body is affected by Anorexia, read more at

Anorexia can be treated. Becoming aware that you need professional help is the first step towards Recovery.

At eating disorder treatment centers like Canopy Cove, there is a belief that full Recovery from any eating disorder is possible and is within reach.  These programs assist you in identifying and resolving the underlying causes of your struggle with Anorexia as well as developing a more balanced relationship with food and life.

Take the next step by reaching out to Canopy Cove today!  Because of our highly successful approach to eating disorder treatment, we are often the place where people recognize their courage to overcome their eating disorder.  We would be honored to help you on the road to your Recovery.

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