On the website Equisearch “For People Who Love Horses” it states that, “When it comes to sharpening your horse’s mental fitness and tuning him up physically, don’t overlook the value of a solid, steady trot. This two-beat gait has more natural impulsion, rhythm and symmetry than the walk or canter, and you can put these qualities to good use in training”.  It goes on to say that work at the trot can help a horse with the following: focus, supplying (makes the horse more flexible and balanced), and straightness (a good forward line).  At Canopy Cove we have only ONE horse that trots – Angel!  For all of you who know our Angel, you would agree that she really is quite special – and not just because she trots.  Angel brings a spunk and joy to Canopy Cove with her inquisitive and outgoing nature.  She can brighten up any day with her antics and the beauty of her trot.  Would you like to see her in action?  View the video below or go to our YouTube page following this link and you can see for yourself.  //youtu.be/CXqnv_kulZk

Be sure to keep your eyes on the Canopy Cove YouTube page for more fun and helpful videos about daily life here.  You never know how it might help you – just like I think Angel might be surprised by all the helpful things trotting does for her AND for us!