In today’s world of technology that includes so much texting instead of talking, a good word spoken still holds great meaning.  When someone leaves us after a time of recovery and restoration at Canopy Cove, we ask them to let us know about how we did.  We ask for ways that we can be more effective and we take each comment seriously.  Many of the reviews that we have received have been the impetus for implemented changes and we are thankful for that.

The wonderful words of praise that we receive help us to know that we really ARE doing great things here at Canopy Cove!

Having an adolescent program at Canopy Cove has given us the opportunity to help young men and women to recover and stop the eating disorder from stealing more of their life away.  When we have to sit with parents who are hurting and having to trust professionals to care for their most precious possession – their child, we are humbly grateful for this trust.  As the time in treatment goes on and the adolescent shares insights with their family in sessions and on visits, the family expresses pride and admiration for the courage and commitment their child is showing.  At the end of their time with us, the adolescent is very often able to share with their family members the vast difference in their quality of life.  A frequent comment at this point from the family is “thank you for giving us our child back”.  How very gratifying it is to see the smile that goes with such words!

Another comment that embodies much of the comments that we receive at discharge is the following:

“The staff is amazing-always so caring, understanding, and willing to help. You can certainly tell that the people truly and deeply care about clients and their recovery–they are so supportive and encouraging and that is so helpful and comforting. I just have had an overwhelming sense that the staff truly and deeply want to help in any possible way and that they really care about the clients and their recoveries…I really value my relationships with the staff and I’m so thankful for all of them.”

These are the reviews that encourage the staff to continue with the battle that we feel has been our honor to take on – the fight against the destructive eating disorder.  Your words show us that we are making a difference and that the war really is being won – one person at a time!  We want to thank each of you out there who have been at Canopy Cove and given us the gift of your trust and your words.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to pray for your recovery journey!

~Karen Gibbons, Director of Programs

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