Have you seen the YouTube video of one of our equine team members, Charm, frolicking in her pasture?  You just can’t miss this!

In this video we see Charm really kicking it up and showing her joy.  Charm has no shyness about expressing herself and is especially grateful when she can share her joy with an audience!  I think she even somehow knows that she is a YouTube star!

We post these videos because it is important to us that you get a glimpse of what daily life is like at Canopy Cove.  When people struggle with an eating disorder they are usually not able to connect to their feelings and life can seem boring and colorless.  During a time of recovery at Canopy Cove, we help people to re-find their zest for life by uncovering the feelings that have been buried and realizing that the eating disorder is stealing this from them.  Our equine team has an important role in helping to ignite and share this joy.

If you are in a hard spot with your eating disorder today, watch this video of Charm and remember that you can survive your feelings!  If you are unable to feel hopeful about recovery, consider giving us a call at 1-800-236-7524.

~Karen Gibbons, Director of Programs