healthy-foods-for-eating-disorder-treatmentHaving a lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition is very difficult to accomplish in today’s world, yet is extremely important!  Even when someone is not struggling with an eating disorder (like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating), making healthy choices in a hectic lifestyle, and with financial limitations, creates dilemmas!

At Canopy Cove, we provide helpful nutritional information to both our clients and anyone who might read our blog who is interested in learning more about how to create a healthy relationship with food and self, especially in relation to an eating disorder.

Here are 5 Summer Nutrition Tips to help you!

Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 1
We know that Vitamin D works hard to keep our bones healthy and strong, but you may not be aware of all of the other nutrients that work hand-in-hand with vitamin D to ensure that this happens. Magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K all aid vitamin D in ensuring that the calcium found in the food we eat is stored in our bones for optimal bone health.
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Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 2
Eating disorders can often attempt to get a person to under or over-hydrate themselves in an effort to disrupt the body’s normal way of functioning. Below are some of the many functions that water helps to carry out. If you find yourself struggling to accept your body’s need for proper hydration, I encourage you to refer back to this list frequently as a reminder of all that water allows your body to accomplish.
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Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 3 – Picnic Day!
The summertime is a perfect time for outdoor dining experiences such as a neighborhood BBQ or a family picnic. Socializing with friends and family while enjoying a meal together is a long-standing tradition in many cultures and what better background for this kind of gathering than the beautiful outdoors!
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Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 4 – National Fruit & Veggie Day
Fruits and vegetables provide our body with many of the essential nutrients it requires everyday. Vitamins and minerals are just some of these nutrients and can be found all throughout these food groups. Some vitamins even work as antioxidants, helping our body to fight free radicals that could be of harm to us.
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Summer Nutrition Tips, Part 5 – How Important is Breakfast?
Research continues to show that breakfast eaters have greater attention spans, improved concentration, and generally are better test takers than those who don’t eat a morning meal. Remember that our brains run on glucose and if we don’t supply it with the correct amount of fuel, memory and thought processes cannot work at full capacity.
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