The relationship between human and horse is unlike any other relationship.

There is something special about a horse that brings about a sense of peace when nothing else can. This seems to be true even for those who think that they are afraid of horses and especially for those individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder.

Whether it is Anorexia, Bulimia, or a Binge Eating Disorder, the benefit appears to be remarkable.

To meet your specific needs, Canopy Cove, one of the South East’s top eating disorder treatment centers, has developed an equine treatment plan that can be designed exclusively for you.

Our individualized programs are grounded in providing positive structure with a focus on long-term recovery. To find out more about our equine therapy treatment programs, click the blue button below.

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Click here to view our horses!

To contact Canopy Cove directly or to speak with a qualified representative, please call toll-free at 800-236-7524.