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Elite Focus Clinic strives to Educate, Support, and Empower Adults with ADHD. We use neuroscience & evidence-based clinical approach to understanding & treating adult ADHD. Adult ADHD is a brain-based disorder. Knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of the brain is essential for effective and optimal management.

Assessment & Testing

Treatment & Recommendation

Psychoeducation & Therapy

ADHD Facts

ADHD Affects Adults

(More Than Just a Childhood Disorder)

ADHD is a Brain-based Disorder

ADHD is Largely Genetic

(76% heritability)


Adult Population
Living with ADHD


Adults with ADHD Affected by an Additional Psychiatric Condition


Adults with ADHD
Who are Untreated

Executive Functions are Impaired in Adult ADHD

e.g., self-awareness, impulse control, planning/organization, self-motivation, time management, attentional & emotional regulation, working memory

Negative Impacts of Adult ADHD





Quality of Life

Our Patients’ Testimonials

“Today, a little over a year after first working with Elite Focus Clinic, I have accomplished things that I never would have attempted previously. Things I would have thought to be impossible.”

– T.G.

“Given the positive changes I’ve experienced, I can apply life lessons to the practice of living life now.  Thank you EFC, you will never know how profound this transformation has been for myself and my family…”

– M.D.

Favorite doctor I’ve had in my lifetime because he knows a lot of neuroscience and multi-diagnosis to really teach the root of what’s going on. Rather than just sitting there “listening”, saying “it’s a mystery”, then writing a random script with little explanation…”

– K.W.